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The Philosophy of Desire

3.30pm Saturdays 4 to 25 October

In Buddhist philosophy and much of Western philosophy, desire is regarded as an expression of lack. We want what we do not have, yet when we get what we want, our desire is never satisfied. We only want more or we want something else. We are addicted to desire itself and fail to see the ways in which it complicates our lives and leads us away from our authentic condition. 

How then should we relate to desire? The Buddhist path is traditionally divided into three major vehicles: the Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. We will look at the various ways desire can be understood and examine each of the yanas and what they have to teach us about working with desire. Each of the yanas can help us better understand some of the ways we reinforce our fixed sense of self and sabotage our efforts to progress on the spiritual path. They also contain the age-old methods Buddhism has employed to disrupt this process and lead us back to our true nature.

Dee Collings began studying with Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX in 1986 and attended Rinpoche’s ngondro class teachings and bi-annual retreats between 1986 and 2006. Dee completed a postgraduate degree at Deakin University with a thesis on the sudden and gradual enlightenment traditions. She served as the editor of E-Vam Institute’s Ordinary Mind Magazine and worked with Rinpoche on preparing his books for Shambhala Publications and KTD Publications. Dee was caretaker and resident teacher of E-Vam Institute in Chatham, NY from 2006–2012 and taught weekly Buddhist philosophy and meditation classes for the American sangha there. She later spent eighteen months living at KTD in Woodstock, NY studying with Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.



Dr Chadha

Buddhist Account of Conscious Experiences
Dr Monima Chadha
2-5pm Saturdays 22 & 29 November 2014
At E-Vam Institute
Book at info@evaminstitute.org or call 9387 0422

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10 to 13 January 2015

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9.30am Saturday 13 to 5pm
Sunday 14 December


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