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Temple for Multi-Faith Gatheringsmulti-faith temple

E-Vam Institute is very excited by the proposed new temple for multi-faith gatherings to be built at the Maitripa Contemplative Centre in Healesville, Victoria, overlooking a valley with uninterrupted views of natural bushland. The wooden floored temple will be privately situated and will be used for both meditation and yoga. Building will commence as soon as we have obtained the building permit.

As always, we rely upon the generous support of people for assistance in building a range of facilities and activities that support meditation and the spiritual learning of many hundreds of people each year. Click here to read Traleg Rinpoche's request for support for this important project.

If you can help, please complete and send of fax the Pledge Form. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Message from Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche

We are living in a time of great change and uncertainty. While this is reflected in the daily occurrence of conflict and violence as portrayed on television and in other media, there is also a real potential for more positive change. This is particularly true given the increasing number of people migrating to all parts of the world, with many settling outside their place of origin. As a result, more and more people of different cultures, linguistic backgrounds and religious persuasions are coming to see the importance of better understanding the richness of the world’s cultural and religious diversity.

Since its inception E-Vam Institute has endeavoured to participate in this positive change by introducing people to the exciting and developing comparative fields of Eastern and Western philosophy, religion and psychology. We have instituted many programs over the past twenty years, including the ever-popular annual Buddhist Summer School and the Buddhism and Psychotherapy Conference.

I feel strongly that the time has come for us to take this exciting and eminently beneficial endeavour to the next level by constructing an interfaith temple at Maitripa, Healesville. Religious leaders of different faith traditions, philosophers, psychologists and progressive thinkers of various fields will be able to go there and hold interfaith dialogues or speak on comparative philosophy, psychology and other fields in the humanities.

I urge everyone to support our temple project, because it has the potential to benefit not only the growing number of Western Buddhist students, but people from all backgrounds living in this wonderful country that is Australia. We sincerely hope to do our best to foster understanding, tolerance and appreciation of the unique and rich cultural and religious diversity of all these people.