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Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche
E-Vam Institute, Melbourne


Bookings to the Annual Buddhist Summer School open soon!



with Paul McIntyre 
of Heaven Man Earth Melbourne

NEW DATE - Sunday 26 November 1pm @ E-Vam Institute

In this one day workshop, you will gain a foundation in the principles and practices of authentic Yang style taiji  (tai chi) quan including qigong, body loosening, form and push hands.


‘’There are two qualities to be developed and maintained in the present. 

Ting - the quality of knowing, Song - the quality of release’’.

                                                                                          Sifu Adam Mizner


Bookings & Enquiries: info@evaminstitute.org / (03) 9387 0422

Paul McIntyre has 18 years of experience in traditional martial arts. He has studied martial arts & meditation in Australia & throughout Asia. Since 2007, Paul has trained under Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts - an international school dedicated to the practice and propagation of authentic internal arts founded by renowned master Sifu Adam Mizner.

Paul has undertaken extensive periods of private tuition and live-in practice with Sifu Mizner to further deepen and refine his understanding and skill of Yang style taiji and of buddhist meditation techniques in the Thai forest tradition. He runs the Heaven Man Earth International Melbourne branch school where he practices and teaches taiji form, body loosening, qigong, push hands and application methods.

           www.heavenmanearth.com    www.discovertaiji.com    www.heavenmanearthmelbourne.weebly.com




Sunday's in November
10:30am - noon
Over three Sunday's in November, shamatha meditation sessions will be held at E-Vam. All are welcome, entry is by donation. Dates tba shortly.



January 13 - 16
at the Buddhist Summer School
January 20 & 21
at E-Vam Institute

More information to be released shortly


The following is an excerpt from Our Pristine Mind by Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche © 2016 by Orgyen Chowang. Reprinted by arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boulder, CO. www.shambhala.com
‘At its core, our mind is pristine. Pristine Mind is a beautiful, naturally vibrant state, brimming with life, self-sustaining in its capacity to provide a dependable, inexhaustible source of happiness and joy.
Sadly, most of us do not realize the true nature of our mind. We have become disconnected from it. Pristine Mind becomes obscured by the mind’s misperceptions and inner experiences—thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and judgments—that pollute its true nature. As a result, we live in a mind that leaves us insecure, alternating between times of happiness and sadness. This robs us of the ultimate experience of life, deeply connected and aware of this pristine state of mind.
In Pristine Mind we are not detached or withdrawn from the world. We do not need to reject worldly pleasures. In Pristine Mind we are far more present to the world than we have ever been before. We experience life’s pleasures more robustly, work more effectively, and, above all, love more richly and more universally. Living in this way does not leave us dry and disconnected, but fills us with gratitude and energy. Our very life changes from one of fending off fear and despair to one of contentment, love, and splendor.
Fortunately, this happy state is in us right now. It is who we really are, so we can never really lose it. But in order to rediscover it, we must look for it in the right place. Any quest for unconditional happiness must begin with our own mind.’



2 - 4 MARCH 2018

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel


Shogam Vidhalaya 
(Closed Group)
at E-Vam Institute Melbourne

The Shogam Vidhalaya students, having commenced their studies under the tutelage of Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX, with Mipham Rinpoche's Gateway to Knowledge, continue their studies under the tutelage of Khenpo Chonyi Rangdrol. The majority of the works of the main Indian and Tibetan masters will be studied. This is a closed group. Opportunity may become available in future years for new students to join a Shedra Course.