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Traleg Rinpoche’s Teaching Program


New Zealand 2012

Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX
“Integral Buddhism”
17th, 18th and 19th February 2012

Public Talk Friday 17th 7,oo - 9,oo pm
Costs: $20 members $25 non members

Saturday 18th 1o.oo - 12 noon / 2.oo - 4.oo pm
Sunday 19th 1o.oo - 12 noon

Traditional Buddhist practices include the body, mind, the arts, crafts, meditational practices, using senses and voice to stabilize and awaken the mind. We have very deep seated and entrenched habits of how we see things, how we clarify our experiences, what buddhism teachs is to not take everything that we experience at face value. Much of our problems are produced by thinking about our own experiences too much and when we do that, we may get a distorted version of whatever it is that we think has occurred. Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche will offer teachings on the Buddhist philosophical and psychological perspective.
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Australia 2012

Shunyaprabha Shogam Vidhalaya: Study group for under 35s at E-Vam Institute Melbourne

Saturdays 3.00 – 5.00 pm (except for the first Saturday of the month)

Venue: E-Vam Institute

Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche will teach on all the classic Buddhist texts, starting with Mipham Rinpoche's Gateway to Knowledge. Studies will include Abhidharma, Madhyamaka, and Yogacara.

The course requires a commitment to four years of study, with an option to continue for an extra four years.

If you are interested please call the E-Vam Institute office on 9387 0442.


Buddhist Retreat
Teacher: Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche
Dates: 9 -15 April 2012
Venue: Maitripa Centre, Healesville

E-Vam Institute will conduct a seven-day Buddhist meditation retreat at Maitripa Centre, Healesville. This retreat will be led by Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche who will give traditional teachings on Buddhist mediation and philosophy. This retreat is suitable for all levels of students and a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s practice. The retreat program includes dharma talks, yoga and pranayama sessions, chanting and singing, shamatha meditation sessions, walking meditation in the beautiful bush setting of the retreat, and the traditional ritual practices of Green Tara and Chenrezig Pujas.

New Zealand 2011

Meditation and Emotions
28-29 May at the Nyima Tashi Kagyu Buddhist Centre
View and download the flyer for details (457 KB, PDF).
Contact: Nyima Tashi


Australia 2011

Month-long Retreat
1 - 30 April, Maitripa Centre

See the E-Vam courses page for more information.


2010 Teachings in the USA

Course Date Location

The Future of Love: Conversation with Sensei Diane Musho Hamilton



Mahamudra: Mind at Ease


Chicago Karma Thegsum Choling

Dharma and Psychology


Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

The Role of contemplative practice in transforming society


Pacific Grove

Mipham's Beacon of Certainty


E-Vam Institute New York

Continuity in Action in Buddhism


E-Vam Institute Manhattan

Karma and Rebirth: Everything is in Relationship


Shambhala Meditation Centre Philadelphia

Karma and Rebirth


Shambhala Meditation Centre New York

Conversation with Ken Burns 'Talk About Nothing'


Rueben Museum

Karma, Rebirth and Identity


E-Vam Institute New York


Australia 2010

Integral Buddhism
11 - 17 December
Venue: Blue Mountains

1 - 30 April
April retreat

Venue: Maitripa Centre, Healesville

7-9 May
Integrated Buddhism

Times: Friday 7.30pm, Saturday 10.00am - 12.00pm, 2.30 – 4.30pm, Sunday 10.00am – 12.00pm
Location & contact: E-Vam Melbourne

15 May onwards
E-Vam Shedra: A Study Group for Under 35s

Location & contact: E-Vam Melbourne

Thursday 27th May, 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Mahamudra Teachings “Ocean of Certainty”
text by Karmapa Wangchuk Dorji, the ninth Karmapa

Venue: Buddhist Library, 90 Church Street, Camperdown
Contact: Yeshe Nyima

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July
Karma and Rebirth – Everything is in Relationship

Location & contact: Yeshe Nyima

11th to 17th December
Integral Buddhism
Blue Mountains Retreat, Blackheath, NSW
Contact: Yeshe Nyima


Australia 2009

21 & 22 February, 10am
Mindfulness-Therapeutic Approach to Meditation
Harris Park NSW Australia

4pm Sunday 1 March
Mindfulness and Depression

Tibetan New Year Festival
Tibetan Buddhist Society

7 & 8 March, 10am
The Psychology of Meditation & Mindfulness Living

E-Vam Melbourne

20 March & 10am 21 & 22 March, 7pm
Mindfulness Living

Nyima Tashi Kagyu Buddhist Centre
Auckland, New Zealand

1-30 April Retreat
Maitripa Centre, Victoria, Australia

Sunday 26 April, 10am
Zen & Tibetan Buddhism

10th Anniversary of Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community
Brunswick West, Victoria Australia

16-17 May, 10am Saturday & Sunday
Mindfulness Living

Harris Park NSW Australia

4-13 October 2009
Annual Retreat
Maitripa Centre, Healsville, VIC

20th to 22nd November 2009
Evening Talk: Introduction to Mahamudra
Weekend Course: Mahamudra – the Nature of the Mind and Ultimate Reality
Yeshe Nyima, Harris Park, NSW, Australia